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@firefox can we get some per-tab muting, like the Chrome chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting flag?


Facebook not having a go via Firefox again...


Firefox fez 43k num notebook com Windows


#Net_Trick: Agr FireFox, Chrome ma Youtube nahe khulta to Browser k Extenstion/Adds-on ma "Zen mate" Inistall kro. Enjoy kro.


New: 6 Great Social Sharing Extensions for Firefox [link removed] #follow #worldcup Go to [link removed] and make free … world_latest Go to…


Chrome has become so frustrating that I had to stop using it. Switched back to Firefox for now & eagerly waiting to try Microsoft Edge.


New: 6 Great Social Sharing Extensions for Firefox [link removed] #follow #worldcup Go to [link removed] and make free …


Now playing firefox - STREET PEOPLE MIX on Force One Network Radio


*opens safari, chrome, and firefox. let's get it on, myuste.


Episode 24 failed to upload last night AGAIN. I'm trying on Firefox this time, and it seems to be working. Should be up between 10 AM-12 PM.


#WTF ? Microsoft Download Centre works in IE11, not FF. Google online-game #ingress works in #IE11 not in #FireFox .


Out of 100 desktop users in the UK: 49 are using Chrome, 24 are using IE, 16 are using Firefox, 10 are using Safari, 1 is using Opera.


Odd bug in Firefox is turning favicons black. Still can't figure out how to reproduce.


Granted, Internet Explorer is probably the worst internet browser when you compare it to Chrome, Firefox and Safari..but like? C'mon man..


Ive resorted to using Firefox to play youtube videos because Chrome takes eons to load


Did anyone notice the colour change of twitter symbol in your tabs(chrome,firefox)?? or is it only for me?


Turns out it was this skype add-on that installed itself into firefox. You're enough of a resource hog as is Skype I don't need you here.


Oh firefox! Where hath the dream gone?


Either something's wrong with my PC right now or firefox is being a complete shitfest


Hey kids, it will be a few. I hate using TD on Firefox, I don't have my emojis


What is your reply about?


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