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all these years and the browser is the malware infection...nice job, #mozilla #kaspersky? got nuttin on #firefox.


The ATO Business Portal website is terrible. Can't login with Edge. Can't file BAS with Firefox. Like Google more than the others ATO?


Waterfox is like Firefox, except it works. Spell checker works. Classic theme restorer works. It just works.


do that to my #linux box and Ill deck someone. wheres the #malware? its THE BROSWER, #mozilla created! #firefox.


Periodic Table of HTML5 Forms -- IE9, Firefox 4 have worst support, all your files are on it if you use it #wp8 #wpsummit #GIMMEGIMME


A silent guardian. A watchful protector. The Firefox Saint.


Networking call me Firefox


The good thing is that resetting firefox totally solved the "lagging" problem. The bad thing that I lost ALL my favorites. Still im happy.


#GulfShores #hampton #hilton #hamptonhilton are y'all not aware that nobody uses #InternetExplorer anymore? get #chrome or #firefox


Fun thing I saw: most people use chrome but most people develop for Firefox


This shit with the firefox update malware shit on yahoo is why I still use aol, no one wants to hack it cause everyone calls it crap.


Idk why I wanted to install Firefox on the?


The rankings are based on Mozilla's Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and SeaMonkey.


Wow @firefox #Quantum is amazing. I feel like this is the next step in my #Linux conversion.


I just found out that I can use mozilla Firefox to play #YouTube videos in background, my life's a lie 😭😭😍 #lifehacks


I urge anyone on Mac to try switching to Safari from Chrome/Firefox. Soooo much faster and more efficient!


firefox is quickly becoming borderline unusable cool i might actually have to switch to the chrome botnet


I SWEAR for a little bit Firefox's twitter tab was showing me a number for notifications instead of general new tweets. I want it back!


rabbit: ur using an old version of firefox blease update from 33 to 56 me: updates rabbit: blease update from 43 to 56 me:


A platform that competes with Twilio, raises $60M Series A to give Firefox another chance.


What is your reply about?


Yahoo Search

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