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Just a quick announcement. My blog only looks good in Chrome. Internet explorer and mozilla firefox do not work well with my blog.

Reply Hossainalikram replied

For some reason the comments section on Youtube activates caret browsing on Firefox, even if it's disabled in config. Hmm...

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Downloading Firefox. Didn’t think I’d ever do that again. ;o) Used to think it would rule the browser world.

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Did FireFox ever actually add color correction to CSS, or did they just break everything by color correcting JPEGs and then say "fuck it"?

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Internet Explorer -> FireFox -> Chrome... Yep.. that's my history of browsers

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Men Stainless Steel Chain and Bracelet Set Heavy 24 in Chain and 9 in Bracelet | eBay - Mozilla Firefox...

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Those auto-play videos makes my facebook slow down.. Or at least on my firefox. Not sure if y'all having this issue?

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After what I learned in the last few weeks about Moz I want to LUV Firefox, but as an app it is slow, even nightly 😕

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So, FireFox for Android is pretty nice.

Reply Hossainalikram replied

I find it super annoying when people use Firefox. You might as well mail it or use an encyclopedia.

Reply Hossainalikram replied

@Firefoxhelp1 I do love firefox, but it has increasing issues with memory management and multithreading. It slows down and drains memory.

Reply Hossainalikram replied

Can Firefox get a "Remove All Cookies Except From Sites Requiring Two-Factor Authentication" button?

Reply Hossainalikram replied

@firefox_53 same to you. keep using firfox #fxhelp

Reply Hossainalikram replied

First my IDE craps out and I can't get another one to run either. Now Firefox is going hay wire too... why me — feeling overwhelmed

Reply Firefoxhelp1 and 1 other replied

Forgetting my old love, #Firefox, I'm switching to #AppleSafari. The only setback is unusual short key for switching to tab no. 1.

Reply Firefoxhelp1 replied

@firefox_53 Happy Easter From Firefox!!!! #fxhelp

Reply Hossainalikram replied

I forgot to make a backup of my firefox bookmarks =w=;; I wonder how old my last one is...

Reply Hossainalikram replied

4th #MacOSX #Mavericks freeze in a week while using @Firefox 28. Big issue somewhere; have no crash report to dig further

Reply Firefoxhelp1 and 1 other replied

What was that other firefox plugin again that allows me to copy GOFO rates from the LBMA website? (my current one stopped functioning)

Reply aassiiss1 replied

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