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this is for you who have a problem with - the solution is kinda simple

1- goto C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\
2- run search in this folder with advanced options (+search system folders, +search hidden files and folders, +search subfolder) in the SEARCH FOR FILES OR FOLDERS: ".js" and CONTAINING TEXT: "appspot"
3- it should find a file "OVERLAY.JS" ****MAKE A COPY SOMEWHERE ELSE**** right click and choose EDIT (if edit not avalible OPEN WITH - NOTEPAD)
4- Select everything between " this.STATUS_BAR = "status-bar"; // firefox 3.6 and below " and " // stringbundle consts " and delete
5- Now press CTRL-F or EDIT--Find and search all the instances of " b.selectedTab = b.addTab(self.TY_PAGE_FULL_PATH); " DELETE ALL THE QUOTED CHARACTERS OR YOU WILL NOT BEABLE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING
6- (OPTIONAL) after " b.selectedTab = b.addTab(self.TY_PAGE_FULL_PATH); " there is a "1200" replace with " 1 " DO NOT DELETE " ) " OR YOU WILL NOT BEABLE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING

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Hi AJE_RaceWard, Thanks for the information. I would like to suggest you to put up this information on other relevant places also like Add-on's web page etc. I am saying so because I am not sure whether someone will visit this page with the purpose you written above information.

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The page is related to the Download Flash And Video addon, which isd available here:

If you want to post information to help other users of this addon you can use the "write a review" button on the above page.