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How to Repair SQL Server Backup File

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I would like to know the issue regarding backup file

I am running my SQL Server backup database and my backup is stopped in the middle

What should I do to repair my SQL backup file?

Please give me such tools and software’s that helps me to solve such kind of problem.

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Microsoft SQL Server? You might try Microsoft's forums here:

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Hi, Jefferson

The site which you are giving me is not proper kind of solution for me. I am not able to find any tool or software from it. So please give me a proper solution so that I am able to get it free from this problem quickly.

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How is Firefox involved in this problem?

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Spam removed ~j99

Τροποποιήθηκε στις από το χρήστη John99

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This kind of tag team spam is really sick. You realize you are wasting the time of volunteers here and distracting from real peoples' problems. I will never do business with a company with such low business ethics. I will definitely recommend never using your products. I will suggest our SQL Server consultants do the same.