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Will FF4 run properly on Windows XP?

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I'm currently using FF 3.6.15 and keep getting asked if I would like to upgrade to version 4. Since XP is already considered to be "outdated", I wanted to make sure the new version is compatible with XP (this is for a company computer so I do not have the option of upgrading to Windows 7).

Basically, if it's not recommended for XP, I don't want it. I'm not currently having problems and I don't want to create any.

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Windows XP is NOT 'outdated'. Do not believe all those Microsoft fans told you otherwise. It is being supported by ALL BROWSERS except IE 9, which I think, Microsoft purposely exclude XP in order to force XP users to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7. I have been using XP for years with all browsers and have no problem whatsoever. And Firefox is my default browser, but kept IE8 just in case Firefox has any problems.