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firefox 4 has no sound when connected to my internet radio site

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Well i just tried to upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0 only to immediately discover this lost my ability to listen to eve (streaming internet radio) Both FF versions had the same plugins and such enabled and up to date in particular the WMP addon, checked volume/mixer on the computer and site etc etc but gave up and uninstalled 4 and reinstalled 3.6. Not sure if its the windows media player not working with the new 4.0 or what, but i will be sticking to 3.6 until this works with the new version.

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Strangely enough, I have the same problem HOWEVER! I can play the Firefox embedded video showing the features and benefits of FF 4 and get sound.

Go figure

I also updated the Adobe Flash Player with no cure.

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Since I installed firefox 4 no longer hear radio online. In version 3.6 it did not happen, only after upgrading to Firefox 4 that the problem arose. Have reinstalled both the browser as well as the pluging it but nothing work.

I hope that Mozilla can solve this problem. Thanks!

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Try downloading this plugin - I found the solution somewhere and it worked for me!

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wyomingnan, I mentioned that this plugin does not work. I tried several times but still the same thing. But thank you for your attention.

I'm waiting for the mozilla fix it! Thanks!

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I can not hear a local radio station using Firefox 4 but can pick it up with IE. Not only that but it is almost impossible to locate the station website using Google or any other search engine but it can be found using a backdoor route.

Curiously a new internet radio station in the same region near Dundalk Ireland which has only begun transmission on Sunday 19-June-2011 can be picked up on Firefox 4 and already the station website can found immediately with Google.

I KNOW beyond any shadow or question of doubt that it is purely coincidental that the same lad who set up both websites is the main man with the new radio station !!

Is there any other possible reason or solution for this situation ????

I have just downloaded Firefox 5 in the hope that it might change matters but I do not really think it will .

So ..anyone out there who might be able to help ??

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After writing in the above I set up Firefox 5 and BELIEVE IT OR NOT..

I can hear Dundalk Fm 100 loud and clear!

So ..Hopefully situation solved !!

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This one seems to have come back. I'm on FF 11.0 because it updates automatically. I thought at first the problem was an update to Adobe Flash, but manually downgrading made no difference. Unfortunately the only resolution at the moment seems to be use Internet Exploder for Internet Radio.