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Thunderbird and ProtonMail?

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Hey guys! I am trying to set up Thunderbird to work with ProtonMail. I got through the first few steps in the guide here: Since ProtonMail is encrypted, the bridge decrypts the incoming emails and encrypts the out coming ones. I had no problems installing and configuring the ProtonMail bridge. Where I get a problem is with the instructions to configure Thunderbird. I contacted ProtonMail support but no replies yet.

The Thunderbird I installed is version 68.9.0. Here is where I get stuck: The instructions are as follows: "To configure the bridge with Thunderbird, first open the application and right-click in the sidebar. Choose Settings"

Problem is, the Thunderbird page I get looks nothing like the one pictured in the ProtonMail guide. And when I right-click on the sidebar nothing happens. I can't find 'settings' anywhere.

Can you help?

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Do you see the 'folder pane' on the left side? if not - View --> Layout -- place a check in Folder pane to view that column

You may have other accounts listed in that column. Just select any account and right-click and select settings. Follow the Proton Mail guide.


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