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firefox crash reports

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bp-1c86e66e-fb8c-4b0e-83d0-3279b0200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-e2600518-b1cf-4735-89b7-036aa0200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-f5695eff-7bec-47b3-9f0b-38fa20200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-cbd81a91-3a7e-46e0-9241-db1840200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-5016e2c0-6d02-4914-a718-c35ed0200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-14501aa7-8d04-4977-bf97-420610200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-992a7ea7-a1c7-496d-9656-9d8b30200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-f2469e84-c14a-497a-8231-af9890200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-02763469-8c9e-4a90-8618-0badc0200524 24-May-20, 5:21 PM View bp-648b201b-94e6-43f8-9a46-a57140200524 24-May-20, 12:03 PM View bp-fd2ab61c-f31a-4436-9c63-3ddde0200524 24-May-20, 12:03 PM View bp-034f78bc-956f-4513-a33f-f4c110200524 24-May-20, 11:53 AM View bp-6ca8a448-61c5-4654-a715-b88210200524 24-May-20, 11:47 AM

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Product Firefox Release Channel release Version 76.0.1 Build ID 20200507114007 (2020-05-07) Buildhub data

OS Windows 10 OS Version 10.0.18363

bp-1c86e66e-fb8c-4b0e-83d0-3279b0200524 bp-e2600518-b1cf-4735-89b7-036aa0200524 bp-f5695eff-7bec-47b3-9f0b-38fa20200524 bp-cbd81a91-3a7e-46e0-9241-db1840200524

Signature: GetProfileForProfileID

Startup Crash True



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