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Blocking of unwanted plugin

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I have been using Mozilla Firefox browser since 2008 but today I came to know that mozilla does not care about its user. Recently, adware attack on my PC which automatically install plugin in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Plugin name CutThePrice which keep generating advertise while surfing. Thank God I found Adware removal tool which is developed by

After scanning a report has been generated this tool has remove CutThePrice plugin from my Firefox and everything is working fine.

I have complain with Mozilla for Firefox browser how could you allow unwanted plugin to automatically get installed on the browser. I don't care about Chrome and Internet Explorer as they are most vulnerable browser crash always whenever I play youtube video or play flash online game. But, I have trust on Firefox since firefox does not consume that much RAM as google update in the background keep using PC memory and this security concern is the biggest drawback for using FireFox

It is the responsibility of developer of Firefox browser to don't allow plugin automatically get install if the plugin does not have publishing certificate or plugin unauthorized.

Please fix it so that at least people could save their life !

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hi, what you've mentioned is one of the reasons why mozilla is introducing addon signing. until now that's on by default but not enforced yet, so malicious actors could still circumvent it. this is going to change in firefox 46 though: Add-on signing in Firefox

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