Hubs windows mixed reality controls

See the Hubs Documentation for more information on Hubs controls.

Windows mixed reality controls

You can also use the keyboard keys while using your Windows Mixed Reality headset.

MoveLeft controller joystick
TurnRight controller joystick
Move fasterTrigger
TeleportRight controller joystick up
Show menusPress and hold center of touchpad on left or right controller
Press buttonTriggerWhile cursor is on button
Rotate objectRotate controllerAfter pressing and holding the Rotate button in the object's menu
Grab objectGrip button on either controller
Scale objectMove both hands together or apart while holding an objectWhile holding an object
Move object closer/awayPress bottom/top of touchpad on right controllerWhile holding an object with cursor
Draw with penTriggerWhile holding a pen
Next/previous pen colorPress right/left on touchpadWhile holding a pen
Change pen sizeSwipe up/down on touchpadWhile holding a pen
Undo pen strokePress center of touchpadWhile holding a pen
Take photoTriggerWhile holding a camera

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