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Add folder in bookmarks does not wait for input

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Firefox 7.0.1-Bookmark problem adding a folder for a new bookmark. When selecting Bookmark this page>Add Folder does not wait for input of folder name


Firefox 7.0.1-Bookmark problem adding a folder for a new bookmark. When selecting Bookmark this page>Add Folder does not wait for input of folder name Solution?

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I'm now having this problem with FireFox 10.0.2, 03/11/2012

When I click on Add Folder, a new folder appears in the tree and the folder name field is highlighted for input. But when I start to type characters in the field, I can only type 1 or 2 chars at the most before it stops accepting input. I have to then go into the Bookmarks menu, locate the new folder, right click on it, click on Properties, and complete entry of the folder name.

At worst, the folder name field will stop accepting input as soon as I type the first char, in which case the folder name will remain as "New Folder". I locate the new folder in the Bookmarks menu to change the name as described above.

This is very annoying because it adds a number of extra steps just to add a new folder to the bookmarks menu. Adding the new folder via "Show All Bookmarks" and navigating the folder tree is another workaround but that doesn't save any steps.

I see that rdeanmo hasn't gotten any responses for FireFox 7.0.1, so I thought I'd bump the topic for FireFox 10.0.2 in the hope that someone would see it.

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Hey rdeanmo, In another thread on the same problem with FireFox 10, John99 suggested that I try starting FireFox in Safe Mode, which temporarily disables all add-ons, extensions, etc. When I did that, I was able to create new bookmark folders and name them with no problems.

I still have to narrow down which add-on(s) is(are) causing the problem, but this is a huge start in debugging it.

I don't know how to restart FireFox 7 in Safe Mode, but in FireFox 10 you click on the "Help" menu, and click on the option "Restart with add-ons disabled". You get one of those "Are you sure" prompts followed by a small popup that allows you to customize which features get disabled. I left that alone.

When the "bare bones" version of FireFox starts, it takes a little doing to find the bookmarks menu. You have to expand the "FireFox" button in the upper left of the window. It's in there. I added folders directly to the bookmarks menu and also added subfolders with long nonsense names. It worked perfectly.

Exit FireFox and restart it, and it should come up in regular mode with everything enabled. If you got new folders to work in Safe Mode as I did, you'll then have to start disabling/enabling them one at a time to figure out which one is doing the dirty work.

I'm going to start with the likely suspects, e.g. anything to do with the bookmarks.

Hope this helps after all this time,

Alan Mintaka

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Hey rdeanmo, My problem turned out to be the add-on SortPlaces 1.9.1. The setting for the interval between changing/adding a bookmark and sorting it was set to 3 seconds. I set it to 10 seconds, added a new folder, and timed how long it took to stop accepting input while I typed a long nonsense name. It was close enough to 10 seconds.

I missed this because in the Add Folder menu you can see the new folder name stop accepting input, but you don't see the new folder move into the new sort position. You only see that after you expand the folder. I didn't make the connection to the SortPlaces add-on.

I don't know if this will help you or not, but maybe running FF in Safe Mode will enable you to figure out what is causing your bookmark folder problem.

Good Luck,

Alan Mintaka