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why is the location/awesome bar is not showing the actual site address I'm in

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I updated my awesome mozilla browser a while ago...it was all fine until today.

First of all, if I enter a complete address in the location bar it redirects me first to Google.com, so I have to chose a link form there to get where I want to go. Then, the whole address (http.\\...) was just not showing for any site.

I'm not sure if it could have been fixed just by restarting Firefox, but I turned my computer off and back on. It fixed those two things, but a third problem is still there.

The awesome bar is not awesome. I read my daily calvin and hobbes strip today, but if I type 'calvin' in the awesome bar it won't show any auto complete or history as it used to, same with a full address, it's as if I had never opened the site before.

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why is the location/awesome bar is not showing the actual site address I'm in:

see http://techdows.com/2011/09/show-http-in-firefox-7-address-bar.html

Change your about:config settings to see things properly on the location bar

browser.urlbar.trimURLs change to false to http://... prefix
browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled change to false to remove formatting