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are the bookmarks not saved in a seperate folder like IE for us to restore it once again

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i want to import the bookmarks from my old computer to the new pc ? is it possible?

i want to import the bookmarks from my old computer to the new pc ? is it possible?

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The bookmarks in Firefox are stored in a file inside the profile folder.

You have a few choices. For just the bookmarks you can use the old computer to create a backup file, and then restore the backup file into the new computer. Fore details see Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer.

You can copy more than just the bookmarks, for example you can also copy passwords, cookies, browsing history and settings. For details see Profile backup - MozillaZine Knowledge Base or Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles.

There are some add-ons and utilities that can make this process easier. The first one is the FEBE add-on which can be used to copy a profile. Another option is the free MozBackup utility.