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Glědajśo se wobšudy pomocy. Njenapominajomy was nigda, telefonowy numer zawołaś, SMS pósłaś abo wósobinske informacije pśeraźiś. Pšosym dajśo suspektnu aktiwitu z pomocu nastajenja „Znjewužywanje k wěsći daś“ k wěsći.

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Since updating browser, never get selected weblink. https://search.mapseasy.net/is instead

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No matter what web page, bank, hobby site, news site etc. whenever I hit a hyperlink to go to a page, a form, a new location I never go there. Firefox just opens a new tab with the website https://search.mapseasy.net/is in the browser window.

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Hi, some nasties : https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/234622-mapseasynet/

Please use more than 1 scanner as each uses diff tech :

Save your Report and google each before deleting anything as do not want to delete something you need, If need help :

Post in only 1 forum, then wait.

Fyi if did not know : Vista is at EOL support by Mozilla Firefox your version is the last you can update to. There will be no further releases unless a emergency.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.