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can't access email

Need help with my Gmail account please it was hacked n changed

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I just want to download a wallpaper off the internet on my samsung smartphone. Why the bleep doesn't it have a download function?

Okay, so I am trying to download a wallpaper off the internet on my smart phone (samsung s5 mini) by using Firefox. Why the bleep doesn't it have a download function? I can look up the wallpaper using Firefox, but I can't download it to my smart phone. I am using regular Firefox for smart phone. (not Firefox focus). Also, I am trying to locate the folder in which the wallpaper is supposed to be stored. It does not show up in the gallery app. There is no download folder. When you use Firefox for desktop after you have selected an image, you click 'show image' then you right click with your mouse, then you click 'Save picture as'. There is no such function in the mobile browser. I checked. You can copy it to clipboard but then you can't paste it anywhere. (like in the Gallery app) There is no paste function. I looked on the internet. According to wikihow's 'how to change your wallpaper on an android phone' page, there is supposed to be a function to change it on a blackberry smart phone, but not on mine. Link: https://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-Wallpaper-on-an-Android-Device According to the video there is a function called 'wallpapers' but then in the next screen you can't select: 'Select image'. Not with my phone that is. That part seems like Samsung forgot to put in. I checked whether my android version is up to date, which it is. I checked my Firefox version, updated it to the latest version. I still can't download the picture in a .jpeg file format for example to put it on my phone as a wallpaper. All you can do is download as .pdf file which I don't want. Even when you select the file as .pdf you can't set it as you wallpaper because it is not in the Gallery app, or another folder on the smart phone. Why is there no 'save as' function in Firefox for Android? Am I the only one who has noticed? Does Firefox Focus have such a function? Should I use Opera Mini browser? I can think of only one current solution: go behind a digital desktop computer use a browser, then look up your wallpaper on the internet. Use your smartphone's camera to take a picture of the wallpaper but then you don't have the high quality because the picture of the wallpaper is zoomed in and you can see the individual pixels. Not ideal, but then what is? I also found out that in order to change you wallpaper on an android smart phone, you are supposed to have the 'google pictures' app installed. That only gets you access to google wallpapers (on google play) and you own phone's own taken pictures and What'sapp pictures, not wallpapers directly off the internet. Anyway high quality wallpapers are better, right? Sure taking a picture does kinda work, but it is just less impressive. I thought it would be easy to change wallpapers, not so much. Is this lack of functionality only on my type of phone? Is that why no one has noticed? If Mozilla is going to add wallpaper support functionality, you might as well check if you can make a wallpaper slideshow and if you can make the wallpaper fit within the smartphone's 'set as wallpaper' functionality constraints (with 'show as startscreen'). So while this is not a critical issue, it did manage to make me grumpy.

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