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What is the best way to backup ALL my emails?

Hello everyone, Hopefully someone can help me out here. I have been using hotmail/outlook.com for years with 2 email addresses. I always forwarded mails from other given/created accounts to those as well. Recently I've also been trying to merge the two by forwarding everything from one to the other (drawback being the sender changes). However, I have always only had mails online and not in a client. Didn't like the idea of being 'bound' to a location as I could always login using hotmail/outlook.com. But I have many many emails in my inbox; some from years back. It rarely happens, but I still need to check back sometimes. I shudder at the thought of someone hacking it and being able to see everything - it has never happened to me as far as I know, but one can never be sure. So what I want is: to backup ALL my emails physically, to my external hard drive. I want to be able to delete all the old mails and most recent mails I feel I have no need for as much anymore, or not often anyway and I want to be able to put them back if I need to search through them. I got Thunderbird because someone told me I can do that with this client. Now he's telling me he doesn't know how. I have read there are multiple ways? Manual backup of the whole folder for example? Would that help me with not only backing everything up, but being able to find things again when I need them after deletion from my accounts? What would the best way be? I have never done something like this before, but it is high time I got started. Thanks very much in advance! - DiaborMagics

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SMTP server blocking access

If I try to send mail using an ISP other than my main provider (bellaliant), SMTP is blocked.

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