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can't access email

Need help with my Gmail account please it was hacked n changed

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Lost all my settings

Hello I just got the new update and it has deleted all my Firefox/Addon settings. Is there anyway to get them back? Thank you, Biohazard42.

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need help using Thunderbird to access mbox file messages

Hello. I have the latest version of Thunderbird installed on a desktop running windows 10. Recently, I downloaded all the messages from a work Gmail account and want to upload those same messages to a private Gmail for storage purposes. I have spent a lot of time searching the internet and found numerous explanations of how to do this using Thunderbird, some of them more easily understood than others, but so far have not found any that address the issue of a person who already has a Thunderbird installation - what I have read talks about how to install Thunderbird and then use it to do the transfer. Currently, I have Thunderbird with my legacy emails, plus two linked Gmail accounts. So, I have three accounts in Thunderbird (I hope I am using the correct terms here). So, when the instructions start talking about using the local folder, I start getting antsy. But, forging on, could it be that all I need to do is create a 4th account in Thunderbird? The Gmail account I plan to link for the upload is not one of the two already linked, and actually I really do not want those messages from the 4th account downloaded to my computer - but perhaps I cannot prevent that? I hope that my question makes sense! I basically need to know how to proceed with this import from the mbox file to my Thunderbird, preserving what I have, and then how to upload the messages to my designated Gmail. Thanks for any help you can give me!

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