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my firefox browser was hacked and someone created a password ......

I suddenly started having issues with my streaming firestick and I could not figure out what int he world. .......... so today i started changing passwords. And while ONCE AGAIN ONCE AGAIN ONCE AGAIN STRUGGLING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CHANGE THE MOZILLA PASSWORD -- GOD HELP US ALL -- I looked into the settings and see this "password created" on Aug. 15, 2019. I DID NOT DO THAT. I GUARANTEE YOU. I AM UTTERLY FRANTIC OVER PASSWORDS AS I HAVE BEEN HACKED, I HAVE HAD CC STOLEN, I HAVE HAD THE SO-CALLED "GEEK SQUAD" CHANGE SETTINGS IN MY BROWSER TO SAVE PASSWORD WHICH I NEVER DO Please please -- only answer IF YOU ARE SURE AND CAN ANSWER PLEASE, I took a screen shot, to show what it looked like. I removed it, after I took the shot. I honestly don't know if it happened in chrome or in firefox but I DO NOT USE CHROME AFTER READING THAT USING CHROME YOU MIGHT AS WELL PUT A FLARE UP EVERY TIME YOU SEARCH FOR ANYTIHNG. I despise chrome but only used it one time because it worked for something that i just could not get this firefox to SO PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CAN PLEASE PLEASE what and how can someone do this? what is the most likely way, and what would this password have given this thieving scum access to? also -- is this done through firefox or chrome? also -- HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD DO I JUST CHANGE THE DAMN PASSWORD TO FIRE FOX THAT I HAVE NOW? I WANT IT CHANGE AND I DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH THE FLAMES OF HELL TO DO IT. I LOOKED IT UP ON YOUR SITE AND THE WAY IT SAYS TO DO IT, CLICK ON THE ICON THERE IS NO NO NO NO THING THAT SAYS MANAGE YHOUR SETTINGS OR WHATEVER THE ONY THING IOS SAYS IS CHECK YOUR EMAIL I HAVE NO EMAIL I HAVE NO DAMN EMAIL WITH YOU PEOPLE AND DON'T WANT ONE. last, please, listen and read tihs well, and take this the right way --0 THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY COOKS INT HIS BROTH, HYOU ARE NOT HELPING MATTERS you are doing way too much that is making this arduous, painful and difficult. a browser should be 1) SECURE IT SHOULD NEVER EVER EER EVER HAVE THE DEFAULT BE TO SAVE PASSWORDS I DON'T CARE HOW DAMN SAFE THEY THINK IT IS. 2) A BROWSER SHOULD BE RELATIVELYU EASY TO SET AND USE. you ask for volunteers all the time that means way way way wy too many fingers they all mayt mean well but it isn't working ojut that way. i am way way over damn stressed because no wawy i can find at all how to change the damn paswword and i want i CHJANGED CHANGED CHANGED. please help how could anyone have put that password, that password i never craeted and put it in that browser area?

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Some of my passwords and logins was gone.

hello, some of my passwords and logins was gone. Not all, but some. How to restore it ?

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