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New upgrade with Firefox and Amcrest Security cameras

The new Firefox will not work with my Amcrest Security cameras software. When I downgrade to the old version of Firefox, everything is OK. The next time I access Firefox, it automatically upgrades to the new version and Amcrest will not work Windows 10, HP Pavilion X2, using Firefox,

Cannot select front or rear camera

Hi, When I go to Facebook on Mozilla and try to use the messenger app to run a video call (using microsoft surface running windows 10), the default camera is my rear facing camera. There is no toggle i can see to switch it to the front camera. I cannot do so in window settings and have spoken with Microsoft support which tells me to call mozilla support. I cannot do it in any of the facebook settings either. I cannot do it with camera settings in mozilla either. I can use the front camera successfully from chrome! I can from Edge! I can from Zoom. I like mozilla and want to keep using it but if I can't resolve this I will likely just switch to chrome permanently. Please let me know how to select the default camera in mozilla. Thank you.

Bluetooth headsets continuously toggling call mode when using microphone

In recent weeks, calls with audio have become buggy in Firefox. Whenever I engage in a call that accesses the microphone while I have a bluetooth headset connected, the headset starts continuously toggling call mode on and off for an extended duration. This can be anywhere from 10 seconds/3ish toggles to never-ending (meaning I got tired of waiting after about 3 minutes/55ish toggles). Today I finally decided to debug further. Here are my findings: * Problem only exists in Firefox. I tested with Safari, Chromium, Slack and Discord, with no trouble presenting itself in any of them * Problem relates to all bluetooth headsets. I have tested with Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless and Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless, with both exhibiting the problem in Bluetooth mode. If I have no bluetooth headsets connected, the problem does not present itself. There is also no problem if I connect the Arctis using the wireless base station (which in turn is connected to the laptop by USB) instead of bluetooth. Using the base station, call and non-call are exposed to my mac as different/simultaneous channels — this may have something to do with it. * Problem persists with hardware acceleration toggled off * Problem persists in safe mode * Problem persists in private mode * Problem persists both on Whereby.com and Discord.com. On Whereby, it also interferes with the camera. This leads me to believe it might have something to do with WebRTC, as I think both websites use it. * Problem persists after reinstalling Firefox * On a possibly related note: if I end the voice chat session after it has stabilised, call mode toggles off slowly and always sends a "start playing media" signal to my Mac, even if it didn't pause anything when toggling call mode on. In sum, this leads me to believe there is some sort of bug in Firefox causing this, but the lack of other topics on here with the same problem makes me skeptical. I am open to any suggestions with regards to further testing I can do. This is obviously very annoying, and I would like to have bluetooth calls working again.

Privacy pop-up question of Adobe Flash Player is unclickable only in Firefox.

When a site wants to access camera and microphone the small privacy pop-up window appears (Adobe Flash Player Settings). There are Allow and Deny buttons. I can't interact with that small window in any way since I installed the latest version of Firefox, I've never had a problem before. I can interact with the pop-up window normally in browsers like Chrome or IE. Is there any fix for it?

Thunderbird 78 Cannot access gmail

Hello Since last google outage on 14th December 2020, Thunderbird Email Client is unable to access gmail. It shows " Authentication failure while connecting to server imap.gmail.com Out of 3 accounts, 2 are @gmail.com and other is @tritek.in. All 3 accounts have identical settings. Server imap.gmail.com Port:993 Connection Security: SSL/TLS Auth. Method: OAuth2 Allow Accessing gmail through less secure apps: ON one gmail.com is able to access emails, while other 2 cannot access email. Thunderbird version is 78 on Windows 10 64 Bit. Please help to sort this issue. Thanks. Sudhir

How to enable "Windows Hello" in Firefox browser (stable version)

I shifted to '''Firefox''' from '''Google Chrome''' and now missing a feature. Almost all other Chromium based browser have this feature. It is '''Windows Hello integration'''. It's basically like when someone tries to see my password from saved password in browser a pop-up window arrives which verifies is it me who is trying to see the password or not by scanning my face (face recognition). I saw '''Firefox Nightly''' has this feature but since it updates everyday and requires restart so it is quite annoying for me. I wanted to know if '''is there any way to enable Windows Hello in Firefox stable build'''. '''''NOTE THAT''''', I am aware of "master password" and not talking about that. I am attaching a screenshot of Windows Hello in Chrome browser.

I cant download anything

This issue is occuring for couple weeks now. When i click download nothing happenes. No matter what i try to download, it wont work. I do my downloads in another browser :D Why is that happening? I did reset firefox by the way and there were couple downloads and then it broke again. I have this add on saves backup automaticly and here we can see there is something wrong because it cant save the file.

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