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Firefox New Sync Won't Sync Bookmarks

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So I upgraded my laptop (Win7) and PC (Win8) to the newest version of Firefox. Now I'm trying to get my bookmarks from my laptop to my PC. So I did everything to setup the new version of sync and on my pc I got a few things synced like the homepage, theme, and a few small things, but bookmarks have not synced. How can I get my bookmarks over?

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Hi AJUniverse, Are they in the unsorted bookmarks? Also you can check sync settings in this menu: Firefox > Options > Sync

Please make sure that Bookmarks are checked on both device settings. And if they are please go to about:config and see if services.sync.registerEngines has Bookmarks in the list as well as services.sync.log.logger.engine.bookmarks is set to Debug. In the sync-logs it may help see what is happening and if there is an error logging out then back in will troubleshoot this further.