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How can I configure Firfox to use Kodak which is set up for explorer?

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Hi, I have not used my Kodak digital camera since I changed over to Mozilla Firefox and I am unable to connect with the Kodak server.(?) Or Locator. Kodak says to choose tools-preferences and online settings tab. Then 'Use an HTTP Proxy Server and enter my HTTP Address and port Number.' It says to find them in preferences dialog box but I am lost and am unable to find what I need. Can someone help me configure Firefox?

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Hi stinapup, Your best bet is to ask Kodak support, however if you are looking to set up a proxy that is required to connect to the Kodak server, you can set up the proxy settings in the Network settings of Firefox. To get here, please update to Firefox 29. Then

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines
  2. Click on options
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Click on Network
  5. Select Use proxy
  6. enter the proxy address and port number.

Do you have a Kokak Pulse? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5rnERNvQ1U

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Thank you very much. I found my HTTP number on Google, but where oh where do I find a port #? I have been trying to find a port # for three days and I am literally in tears.

Thank you again for answering me. stinapup@aol.com

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Hi, I looked at Network settings and Use Proxy settings' is already checked but it does not tell me the port # which is what I need.

what port number can I use?

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Hi stinapup,

I am sorry for the late response. You can add a port number to the end of the address like this if you need:


I am sorry I do not know the exact port number for that proxy, but you can try the defaults: 80 HTTP 443 Secure HTTP 1040 (Socs4) or 1088 (socs5)