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It seems everytime Firefox updates, I lose my pinned tabs & pictures from New Tab Page, what can I do?

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I believe this problem started with FF26 update. When I opened my browser, all of my pinned tabs were gone. I went to History to request "Restore Previous Session" and it was not highlighted and I was unable to find any other place to restore a past session. When an update occurs, does this eliminate the ability to restore the session just previous to the update? Then I discovered that the New Tab page was missing all the pictures from the web sites for each of the 9 selections - all of them are "pinned" to the page. As you know, sometimes it's awhile before there's a new update while other times it seems that the updates follow on the heels of the last one. I'm disabled and one problem is that I have severe memory damage, so on bad days a small problem like this seems huge. Even though I use the pinned tabs constantly, on a bad day I often don't have a clue as to which web sites they represent and I just want to crawl into a dark hole! I just turned off the automatic update function so that I can have a little more control about when updates are applied. If I continue loosing pinned apps, is there someplace that the information is stored in our profile? As for restoring the pictures to the New Tab page, it's easy enough, just takes a little time and this problem did not used to exist so I do hope it can be resolved at some point.

Firefox is still the best browser in my opinion and I'm really grateful to everyone who participates in improving it constantly. Thank you for your efforts!

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Hi shaunaru, I love that you love Firefox. There is a way for the pinned tabs to open up each time. However are they they same every time?

if so try this:

  1. Open up all of the tabs you want and pin them
  2. Open up Firefox > Preferences/Options > General
  3. In the Home page text field there is a button underneath that says "Use current", press it
  4. The pinned tabs will be auto populated.
  5. Save and close Firefox and re-open it and see the tabs open up.
Note: these will also open up in a new window. 

If they are different every session, or each time you open Firefox:

  1. Select to open up tabs from last time and do not close each individual window before you exit Firefox.How do I restore my tabs from last time? is also helpful

I hope this helps create a good workflow for you :-)