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Favicons for thunderbird tabs

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I would like to see Favicons for the email providers displayed on my TB tabs.

I access several email accounts from TB, and open each of their inboxes as separate tabs in TB. Email providers like gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, etc have favicons, and I would like to see them on these tabs. It easily helps me identify the account that am looking at.

An additional step would be for me to assign an icon of my choice to these tabs. Is this possible to do? Any suggestions? Thanks, Kiran

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I was looking at the about:config entries, and noticed that they are in sync with what is mentioned here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.chrome.favicons

Still no luck, I do not see site specific icons on tabs. Btw, am on TB 24.4.0, on Windows8.1

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Would this be what you're after? CuteButtons Crystal SVG (don't be deceived by the name!)

Hope this helps!


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Curtis, Thanks for the link. Installed it, and realized that is not what am looking for.

I need the thunderbird tab icons, for the various inboxes, to display the icons shown in the attachment. I did not see this option with the addon you provided / about:config.

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Given Thunderbird uses a single icon for all accounts your actually asking for a rather complex add-on. It is not something I see listed on the add-ons web site.

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Matt, Thanks for the update. Are you aware of any space where I can raise this as a requirement, then?

Thanks, Kiran

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Generally, the icons that you see in Thunderbird depend on the theme that Thunderbird is using. The default theme depends on your operating system.

You can use different theme addons to modify the look, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunderbird/complete-themes/

but I believe you are asking to allocate a specific icon to a specific mail account name which would be displayed in the Folder Pane, which is entirely different and as Matt says is rather complex.

In theory, you should be able to code a userChrome.css and run in with a userChrome.js................

Matt...can you assist....I've located a userChrome.js extension here...http://userchromejs.mozdev.org/

but the link only instantly installs into Firefox. There does not appear to be a download I can save and install into Thunderbird.

Can you offer advice? Could I simply copy extensions file and userCromeJS folder in the Firefox Profile into Thunderbird?

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Toad-Hall, You are right, I want to do this "...you are asking to allocate a specific icon ...."

I do not mind trying out the userChrome.css, and userChrome.js option. For that matter, I thought I'll give this a shot with the Stylish addon for TB.

The stumbling block is; I am not aware of the DOM structure for TB, or its components, and the elements to which I can set css properties. Any documentation you can point me to, to construct the userChrome(css | js) stuff? I wish there was a firebug like chrome inspector for TB... probably would have made things simpler.

Thanks for your update.

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Well I've managed to download the userChromeJs 1.5 extension, but need to make sure it is actually calling the file.

I've also located some userChrome.css and userChrome.js code, but I'm not having success at the moment as the option of using MailTweaks extension does not work on version 24.4.0 - causes a crash - incompatible issue. So still thinking.

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Hi Kiran Subbaraman:

Yup for Firefox feature requests you can raise it on input.mozilla.org

For Thunderbird feature requests, unfortunately there is no Thunderbird support (and no plans for it) on input.mozilla.org so the best way is to file a RFE (request feature enhancement) bug. To get a feel of how to file an RFE bug and how the fields should be filled out, check out this sample RFE bug:


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Roland, Thank you for that piece of information - will give the RFE-bug report a shot.


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Toad-Hall, Is there some userChrome.css / userChrome.js documentation that you are referring to?

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"Matt...can you assist....I've located a userChrome.js extension here...http://userchromejs.mozdev.org/

but the link only instantly installs into Firefox. There does not appear to be a download I can save and install into Thunderbird.

Can you offer advice?"

Download the XPI (right click, save target as) and in Thunderbird select Tools menu (alt+T) > Add-ons or Appmenu>Add-ons Click the cog wheel thingy on the right and select install from file Select the XPI you saved/downloaded.

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Sorry not having any luck with this.

Tried: userChromeJs 1.5 extension with code samples located here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/index.php?title=UserChrome.js/Mail&printable=yes

The userChromeJs 1.5 extension keeps thowing up an error:

  • document.getElementById(...) is null

on this line:

  • // make account and folder names available to userChrome.css

with (document.getElementById("folderNameCell"))

 setAttribute("properties", getAttribute("properties") + "name-?folderTreeName")

However, the addon manager says that userChromeJS 1.5 is not compatible with Thunderbird 24.4.0 Also tried with MailTweak, but it is not compatible with version 24.4.0

However, it is possible MailTweak that it may work with earlier versions of Thunderbird.

Geändert am von Toad-Hall

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Toad-Hall, Thanks for persisting with this.

I just took a look at MailTweak, on this page: http://mailtweak.mozdev.org/. The screenshot does show options to tweak the folder/tab icons. Very nice. Would have been the addon for me, if it were to work.

Sometime soon. I'll take a look at the mailtweak code atleast to understand what could be done -- http://mailtweak.mozdev.org/source.html

Thanks again, Kiran

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Further update. I installed MailTweak on my TB24.4.0. I updated the install.rdf to ensure that it gets installed within the latest TB24.4.0 MailTweak works... I just have to use it to figure out how to deal with the folder icons now. This is looking promising :-)

Will report on my progress soon.

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Mail tweak was written for an entirely different UI Chrome. It might look like it is working, but make it the first culprit of something else does not work.

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Matt, Will bear that in mind, thanks. Kiran