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I have 6,119 Bookmarks. Does that cause Firefox problems?

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I have been experiencing much instability in Firefox. Tabs take a long time to load, Firefox stops working frequently and restarts. I don't usually get error messages. I use AVG scan every 2 days, Malware Bytes scan every 3 days, Windows Defender scan one a week, CCleaner once a month. No Threats. In my Computer management Event Viewer it say the Firefox version stopped interacting with windows and was closed. It also says a report was sent 2/18/2014 and 2/8/2014 ten days apart. There are other things also. Frequently Firefox gives a message. "Firefox not responding" Sometimes I have to completely close Firefox and restart it again. Sometimes Firefox will not open from the tray. One of the things I often end up doing is having 7 to 11 tabs open. I use dual Monitors, Have two external 500GB Hd and 600GB Main HD. It is a little over half full. One external has 400 GB free and the other 200GB free. I update everything regularly. Once of the problems with Plugins is - When I click on Ck to see if all up to date. - It shows Adobe Acrobat as being vulnerable. I thought Acrobat was a pay for program. When I have tried to update it it shows Adobe Reader as the Program. My installed version of Reader is 10.1.4. No matter what I do it still shows Adobe """Acrobat"""as vulnerable. I have deleted Adobe Reader and reinstalled it. Say thing happens. Tools / Add0ns Plugins still shows it as vulnerable. It is not active as tit say Ask to activate. .

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Hi Cyborg

Can you give two precisions please? - make sure you have a backup of your bookmarks in a safe place. So you not even risk to loose one of them. - do you use Firefox Sync: Pliz what do you have in Firefox > Preferences > Sync?

Now here are three ways to find out what's causing your firefox profile issues. You can choose one of them (ie. 1, 2 or 3). Try to open the same (number of) 7 to 11 tabs and websites you have in your default profile when you test one of these:

1. Start Firefox in Safe Mode http://mzl.la/MwuO4X How is doing your Firefox when you start in Safe Mode?

2. Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems - Save bookmarks,history,passwords and allows to easilly revert back to the first profile if you wish: http://mzl.la/MnSTZB If Firefox works fine after this then you'll know your issue's came from either an extension, a plugin or an edited setting. And that it had nothing to do with your many bookmarks.

3. Or you can start a brand new Firefox profile as shown there: Use the Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles http://mzl.la/LL5Dxl And then import your original profile's 6K bookmarks and check it works.

Note I got 9000 bookmarks and no slowdown while FF's running, unless Sync is running.