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How to delete cookie using javascript

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Hi All,

I am working UI Automation. We are using javascript injection for automation. One of the features we need is to ability set / unset cookies.

I am able to set cookie using javascript, but I can't delete / unset a cookie. I am using below script to unset cookie.

document.cookie = 'cookie_name=; path=/; domain=.mycompany.com; expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT';

If I try to alert document.cookie, it shows empty string. However, I can still see the cookie in browser after the javascript execution is complete.

Can someone suggest what I might be doing wrong?

P.S. I am on FF v17.0.3 esr on RHEL 5.

Thanks, Shiv

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Hey Shiv- This forum is for issues with the browser. However, I was able to find this article on MDN, which may help you:


Good luck!

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Thanks rbillings for responding. My code does exactly what is mentioned in that link, but no luck.

You mentioned that this forum is for issues related to browser. Is my question not in that category ? If not, can you please help me point to correct forum ? Thanks for bearing with newbie questions :)

Many Thanks, Shiv

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Hi Shiv- Your question involves the browser, but is more about UI automation & javascript. It requires help with code, and this forum is designed to help with UI, not code. I would recommend using sites that help with code [such as stackoverflow] to get more feedback about your specific issue. Sorry there isn't a forum for automation [and we're always glad to hear from newbies!]

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Got you, thanks so much :)