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Constant crashing on Mac OSX

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My firefox is crashing a lot over 12 times this month. I have no idea why. It just slows to a complete stop and shows the beachball. MAC OSX.

Also I get alot of flash crashes I have updated and followed the instructions for that and no luck as of yet. Below is the info of my last 7 crashes. Please help thank you.

Report ID                                 Date Submitted
bp-4bebfd35-f575-4387-972d-199f62130912 12/09/2013 03:07 
bp-48039fce-6e10-482a-9ef0-c3c9c2130912 12/09/2013 03:01 
96F990AA-EBA7-4517-B23D-9808FC7FCE59 31/08/2013 17:47 
2EE96712-8C33-4696-AC4E-CDB01B62901A 28/08/2013 15:32 
D091AA88-8642-42AD-9332-5AAC8749E918 27/08/2013 16:27 
7B0C8E0D-3B12-4278-A709-FC1EE72FB6D5 26/08/2013 15:46 

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I've had this same problem consistantly for many updates, up to, and including the new one, 25. I don't get it either, what do they update, what are the improvements, if it just gets bogged down, soaks up too much RAM, and I've seen my Activity Monitor record FF using almost 300% of my CPU! It will simply slow, then stop, spinning wheel, "Firefox not responding" in my AM, and sometimes I'll get the "unresponsive script" window, but even when I click on Stop Script, it keeps trying to load, so what's the point?

I'm tired of wishing & hoping, with every new "update", it will one day work, just work, without stalls & crashes.....

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Dear Steven Thanks for your post. It hasn't helped me at all to solve the problem, but you describe the same symptoms as I am experiencing. It's good to know others have the same problem. There are other browsers... But why is FF the only one to do this? I'm tempted to think that it's just not as good as the others. Good luck I I recommend Safari, Chrome, and / or Opera

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As I said, I've tried all the "fixes" you suggest. Firefox still freezes. Worse : today when I force-quit and relaunched it went back to the page that caused the freeze and I can do nothing about it, short of trashing and reinstalling.

After several minutes I got a message saying "unresponsive script" with a button saying "stop script". But since FF was frozen, clicking was useless. Eventually, with a feeling of disgust, I force-quit and haven't relaunched since.

Firefox certainly has a problem. I see another contributor to this debate is having the same experience.

There are other browsers, but I would like to know what's wrong, and why FF is the only browser that does this. There's nothing on the FF to indicate that it's different in that way from other browsers, or that extensive tweaks and fixes may be necessary (when they aren't with the others) . So why doesn't FF work?

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I wonder too, xkreiss.... I don't know what they fix or improve when update after update after update just won't do what they are supposed to. Every single time, I get spinning wheels, unresponsive scripts (that won't stop even when you click on stop), and I also have FF freeze up whenever I open preferences & delete cache, which is actually supposed to help it, so it won't freeze..... sheesh.

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Hi Steven

A few thoughts :

1) it’s really good of Mozilla to make software freely available as they do. So whatever problems there may be, I have no complaints : it’s free, and there are other free browsers.

2) Mozilla is to be thanked for tying to help people with these problems. Since FF is free, they could simply say “take it or leave it”, but they do try to help. However :

3) all the advice given concerns ways of “fixing” FF on individual computers. This (as I’ve said) should not be necessary, FF should just work: other browsers do. And nowhere in Mozilla’s pages do they acknowledge that there may be a flaw (or flaws) in their browser. As you point out, there have been many updates, yet the problem remains.

The way forward might be for them (or someone) to explain why Firefox behaves in this way (and possibly fix it), and in the meantime for others with the same problem to make themselves known, and show that the flaw is there, and isn’t just a figment of my (or your) imagination.

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Tried again this evening to use Firefox. Went to Google, then to the BBC's website. Firefox froze. I had to force-quit. Relaunched Firefox : it reopened on the very same BBC page where it had frozen, and (of course) was frozen straight away ! Impossible to clear History - you can't do that when the browser is frozen. So I'm stuck : stay on the BBC page with a frozen FF or force-quit and relaunch knowing FF will go back to the page and freeze. What other browser behaves in this pathetic way ? Firefox prides itself on being a serious contender and rival to other browsers. It is, indeed, unique. It alone freezes constantly. And if more "fixes" are suggested, I'll scream. Fixes should not be necessary. There's something wrong, terribly wrong, with Firefox. And I wish Mozilla would recognize this.

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I'd be happy to let someone from Mozilla proxy in to my machine (using TeamViewer or something similar) . That way we'd see if he or she fared any better. I bet they won't do that. But my invitation stands. My contention: Firefox doesn't work. If I'm wrong, prove it by visiting my computer and showing me.

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