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There is no "manage account" option for sync on any of my devices, and I can't set up any new sync devices. How do I fix this?

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Since none of my devices have a "manage account" selection under Sync (or Sync set up), there's no way to get or reset my recovery key. I only see "Set up Firefox sync" and "Pair a device". Everything else leads to a dead end without access to a recovery key or being able to manage the account.

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The Sync Recovery Key isn't sent to Mozilla, only the user has their Recovery Key.

Do you still have the PC / Device where you originally sey up Sync?

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Thanks cor-el but if the function is 'next to useless' as kadoka66 says, what's the point of even trying? Or have i misunderstood?

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It is useless in the way that you can't get back data stored on the server without the correct sync key. The current implementation of Sync concentrates on syncing data between multiple devices and not in the usage of Sync as an online backup service.

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I have already completely given up with this feature because the amount of times I have had to reset Firefox on my PC because the flash plugin is miss-behaving or whatever, if you don't keep a copy of the sync recovery key then this function is little help at the end of the day.

The thing that would make the function simpler is to ditch this stupid recovery key.

Why is it that Opera and other browsers handle the same function without one. Who needs this much security for a load of bookmarks anyway?


Makes me wonder how many people already switched browsers over this who haven't voiced their opinion in this forum. The only real way to sync Firefox is to use a third party application like dropbox and sync the two Mozilla appdata folders at either end on both PCs with each other. This is not as easy to do with the mobile devices so you might have to just accept that there will be some discrepencies.

I am a lifelong loyal Firefox user and apart from this and a number of other bugs, it is a good browser, but I have to be honest, over the years it has become heavier and more troublesome to manage and the other newer browsers are catching up fast, at this rate my loyalty won't last forever. This is a voice that can be heard across the web, it is about time someone started listening.

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What's ludicrous is users attempting to use Sync for a purpose other than it was designed for, and for not saving the Sync Key as was suggested when they set up Sync.

As far as the "mistake" Mozilla made by having the Sync Key, it's silly to be critical of too much security for user data such as username / password data.

IMO, the bottom line is that Mozilla misjudged the intelligence the their "average user" and should have made Sync for a lower common denominator.

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I don't see the need to start insulting the users just because you don't agree with them and I find your comment abusive.

How you became top 10 contributor / moderator with that kind of response is beyond me!!

Actually, no one said anything about trying to use the sync function for backup but some of us have slightly more busy lives than yourself and with all the other codes and password we have to remember, the sync key is just a code too many.

Anyway my point about other browsers managing the same function much better is a fact and I thank you for belittling that and all the other users' comments in this thread.

How about only posting a reply if you have anything useful to say, like for example helping this poor fellow get his bookmarks back.

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I feel disappointed & offended by your remarks the-edmeister. Another good reason for me to go back to Chrome

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I was also having this problem. My android device would attempt to sync when the 12-character code it provided was entered on my desktop browser. When I went to the Sync panel in Options there was no "Manage Account" option, but when I went to the Firefox Sync login page I was able to login (after easily resetting my Sync password). After failing multiple times to sync my android, I logged back into my Sync and deleted the account. Then I set up Sync from scratch and entered a new 12-character code generated by the android device. Sync then worked as it should. I have all my bookmarks on the android and "Manage Account" and other options have appeared on my Options Sync panel.

Would have been an easy fix, except it took just as long figuring out how to register for the forum without having to ask a new and redundant question of my own. The two issues combined have been very frustrating, but finally everything is working properly. Hopefully this helps you as well!

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