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How do I save content (such as images) from the Firefox browser in Firefox OS?


I recently received my ZTE Open, and I was looking at customization options for the OS. First step: find a new background for the home screen. In order to do so I was trying to save an image (just something on imgur) but after the image was loading in the browser on the phone, I had no way of downloading / saving the image. In Android I would normally long-press on the image and it would give me the option to save-as, but not in FirefoxOS.

Is this something that I can do? If so, how?

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It is not possible to download at this moment. You can download the picture and save it on the computer and then transfer it to a microSD card.

Add: I have also just filed a bug for this.

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just to say I have the same problem.

If you just want new wallpaper, try that wonderful wallpaper app from marketplace for now.