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Pages won't load if another tab is waiting for a slow script which is on the same website

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If there is a tab that is waiting for slow script other tabs on the same website will be affected, even though they should not.

Test case:

1. Open a tab and run a slow script ( example: http://localhost/slow_script.php ) 2. Open another tab and run a normal script ( example: http://localhost/normal_script.php )

What should happen:

The normal script will load, the slow one will be waiting for the server to finish.

What happens:

The normal script wont start loading until the slow one finishes.

Is there any way to work around this issue?

Thanks !

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I have to add that the delay is not caused by the server itself. Running two web browsers or using multiple computers does the trick.

Using a simple sleep function to make the script take longer seems enough to reproduce this bug. There is no need to consume actual resources on the web server.