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Firefox 22.0 no longer allows me to change favicon

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I go through all the same steps; however, the favicon just does not change.

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Can you clarify what you are trying to do and where you want to change the favicon?

Can you attach a screenshot?

Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot.

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I did all that and even changed the png file to an ico file and it still did not save it. Since the upgrage to version 22 things don't seem to work as well, so I may just go back ot IE.

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You still haven't explained what exactly you are doing?

Can you describe more clearly what you do?

If this about favicons on the Bookmarks Toolbar?

Note that the Bookmark Favicon Changer is broken because APIs that his extension was using have been removed.

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I have added the change favicon add on. Otherwise the drop down menu would not show change favicon. However, when I change the favicon or export the favicon, nothing happens.

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Apparently there is no practical turnaround to this problem, Favicon Changer does not work anymore, hope that Mozilla team will fix it as soon as possible.

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Sorry, bit it's not up to Mozilla to fix broken add-ons, that is the responsibility of the developer of each add-on.

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Agree, Mozilla has nothing to do with add-ons, but my problem with favicons is not related to Favicon Changer, but to Firefox 22. Once I realizaed that Favicon Changer did not work anymore with Firefox 22, I removed it and tryed to change my favicons manually:

1. I deleted my bookmark with the wrong favicon 2. I deleted the browser cache from preferences 3. I restarted Firefox 4. I went to the web site and made a new bookmark

I am on OS X 10.8.4

Unfortunately the favicon displayed from the new bookmark is not the good one but still the previous one (the wrong one), whilst with all other browsers (safari, Chrome... etc) the favicon shown is the good one.

So, either I'm doing something wrong or Firefox 22 has some problems with favicons...

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You can let all favicons expire to see if that makes Firefox to store them once again properly.

Copy and Paste the JavaScript code in the Code field in the Browser/Error Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer;Ctrl+Shift+J) and click the Evaluate button.

var fS = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/browser/favicon-service;1"]

Note that this will remove all the favicons, so you need to revisit bookmarked sites by clicking a bookmark to make Firefox retrieve the favicon.

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Thanks for the tip, but I hve many bookmarks with modified Favicon Changer I would loose.... so I prefer to keep a couple of bookmarks with the wrong favicon and hope that Mozilla developers will fix the problem one day. The curious thing is that I also tried to install and older version of Firefox, still supporting Favicon Changer, modify that particular favicon but once back to Firefox 22 the wrong favico comes up again...

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You can try to use the SQLite Manager extension in Firefox to inspect the places.sqlite database file and see if you can remove the entry for those favicons (probably saved as BLOB data).

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Problem Solved. Removed expired favicons from places.sqlite database as you suggested.

Thanks a lot ;)))

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You're welcome

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This is why most of my friends refuse to use Firefox. AND why I have stopped recommending it to anyone except developers who are very technical. Your support area assumes that everyone who uses Firefox is a super-geek who can follow your obtuse and confusing replies when they complain about a problem. You send them to about:config which is absurd to anyone other than a developer. In this case, the response to saying that favicons (which display quite nicely on IE, Chrome & Safari) won't display on FF is go add-on SQLite and do some bizarre analysis of some database. Firefox will go down in history as an interesting developer's plaything if you guys don't figure out how to support this product to the general computer-using public.

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Hi NashvilleKit, what issue are you having exactly -- you want to change the favicons displaying next to your bookmarks, or they do not update normally, or they do not show on tabs, etc.? Did you ever change them using the Bookmark Favicon Changer extension?

The fact that unusual measures were required to address the original poster's situation in this thread does not mean that it is recommended for everyone.

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My problem is that FF doesn't display my own favicon from a website I just created. I'll demo w/ 2 screen shots. The 1st shows the 4 browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, FF) having pulled up my main page. The 2nd shows all 4 when I ask them to display "favicon.ico". How can FF find it has errors when (a) the others display it just fine and (b) I -- out of frustration -- dl'd a standard fi from Yahoo and just edited it and FTPed it to my site? I even tried it w/ all add-ons disabled and it still wouldn't display it. Very frustrating.

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Hi NashvilleKit, is it any consolation that it displays for me?

If you reload using Ctrl+Shift+r (to bypass cached files), does that help?

If not... I have not bookmarked the site, so I don't know whether that is a complicating factor in your case.

If you don't mind re-creating the bookmark and re-saving any password for the site, and don't mind losing your history of visits to the site, you can use the "Forget about this site" feature and see whether Firefox is able to properly save the icon in that scenario.

You can access "Forget about this site" either from the right-click context menu in the Library dialog (e.g., Ctrl+Shift+h) or from the about:permissions page (select from the list on the left, then look for the button on the far right).

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Excuse me, but I've been away. And, lo and behold, it is now displaying for me as well. I had closed FF and cleared cache back when I was having those probs. And using old cache wouldn't (or shouldn't) have accounted for the error message saying that favicon.ico "contains errors."

But, what-the-hey, it now works fine, so I'm OK.

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While I agree that the Firefox developer team should not fix addons - however when they drive the addon developer to stop fixing the feature because they continuously break the feature and do not fix their bugs we all have to suffer.

In fact this addons feature should be a base feature of Firefox! With the developers copying Chrome, the way they are going is to drive away Firefox users.