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Coupons.com plugin crashes. I have done everything I can think of.

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Coupons.com plugin crashes. I have done everything I can think of. I can print from the other coupon sites. I've downgraded to v20. Now it crashes. On v21, the plugin just wouldn't load. I followed all the steps to fix but none of them worked. When you try to print a coupon and it doesn't print, you will lose that coupon. Coupons are very important in our household. Why can't this be fixed ??

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Is Firefox crashing or is just the extension?

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Coupons.com released a new plugin for Firefox 21.
See the Chosen solution by Coupon_Support in this support thread.


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Just the extension.

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ed-meister, I have been through all that and nothing seems to work. This all has happened with the upgrade to v21. It sure "fixed something that wasn't broken".

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Hi Yerblues,

If you've already tried reinstalling the coupon printer on Firefox 21 and cannot get the plugin to load, please email me at socialmedia@couponsinc.com and I'll be happy to assist. Here is another thing you can try:

1) Type about:config into your Firefox address bar (URL bar) 2) Click past the warning to be careful (but DO be careful making changes in this file) 3) Scroll down the page (it's arranged alphabetically) to plugsins.load_appdir_plugins and double click that line to change it from False to True 4) Close Firefox and restart. The Coupon Printer Manager plug in should now appear.

If I can offer any additional assistance, please feel free to contact any time at the email listed above.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Greg Coupons_Support