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Firefox disabled my adobe flash player

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Firefox just out of nowhere decides to disable the flash plug-in without asking me. And everytime I go to a site that uses flash, I have to see this message (see link below.)


So how do I reactivate the flash plugin without updating it? The reason I do not update it, is because when I update it, I get a constant pop-up error message. And when I uninstall my flash altogether, the constant error pop-up messages stop, but now I get the "you don't have it installed" message. And when I download an outdated version

So no matter what I do, I have problems with this. I don't want to have to keep clicking the "always activate plugin for this site" button, for every site I visit on the world wide web, because that is out-of-this-world annoying.

I'm getting really irritated by firefox, and their bull. I will not update because you can't keep up.

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I had this problem and it was sorted by selecting the "Always activate" otion on Shockwave flashplayer in the plugins section of the addons manager on firefox.

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The manner in which Firefox handles Plugins, such as Flash and Java, has changed since this thread was started. So the information in this thread may be out-dated.

If you have an issue with Flash in Firefox 24 (the current release version) please start your own question thread.

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