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stop a site for storing a cookie

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I know how to added a site to the "Exceptions - Cookies" list an block the site. The problem I have is the site just changes the first part of its name/url and adds the cookie to the list. SInce the site is using a 8 digit number; it is impossible to block all the name/url it can create. Is there a way to block all the possible name/url by using a wild card symbol? Like the "*" symbol in UNIX. Example *.xxxx.xxx.com to the list of sites I wish to block?

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Creating an exception for xxxx.xxx.com should include all sub domains.

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It's not possible to use wildcards in cookie exception rules. The best you can do is enter an exception for a domain, which will also apply to all subdomains. For example, an exception for mozilla.org will also apply to support.mozilla.org, blog.mozilla.org, wiki.mozilla.org, and so on.

You can stop all sites from setting cookies, and allow only specific sites to store cookies through exceptions and/or an add-on like Cookie Controller or Cookie Monster.