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Why is upgrade not compatible with Norton Internet Security toolbar?

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Why is Firefox 20 upgrade not compatible with Norton Internet Security toolbar? I do not wish to lose Norton features.

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It is the other way, Norton has to make their toolbar compatible with each new Major version release of Firefox due to the link of extension it is.

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Why? Why is it that Norton must conform to Firefox's build, and not the other way around? If Firefox can disable an add on without our permission, then it should automatically update as well. I am weary of people making statements like the one you posted. When you get right down to it, and I had to make a choice I would kick Firefox out the door without even blinking!

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in general an extension's compatibility won't be affected by a firefox update - there's one exception: addons with binary components (and norton toolbar falls into this category) have to be repacked for each new major version of firefox for technical reasons. the release dates for such new versions are known months ahead, so it wouldn't be any surprise for a third-party vendor. mozilla can't adapt third party extensions, this is the job of the developers of such extensions (also: mozilla doesn't state it is supporting the norton toolbar or charges for it - it is the other way round). however the record shows that norton has provided an update for its extension on time for every of the past few firefox releases. firefox also cannot automatically install an update for the toolbar for you, since it is only distributed across norton's live update.

you are free to use or change to which ever browser you like of course...

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Unlike most regular extensions which is not a issue since Firefox 10.0 or even 4.0, the extensions like the ones is use by antivirus clients uses a binary and needs to be updated for each Firefox release. Norton however has managed to have a update on same day or with a couple days ever since Firefox 5.0 unlike many other antivirus companies taking several days or even weeks to finally provide a update.

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Yes, Norton has been able to come up with the necessary upgrade to enable it to operate under the Firefox upgrades within a few days. However, to me, Firefox operates just the way I would anticipate a browser to operate, and that is without an upgrade every few months. It would seem to me that if upgrades were necessary to advance Firefox, consideration should be given and advance notice to Norton provided so that the transition is seemless. I am an avid admirer of Firefox, but I could probably get used to using Chrome if needed and I am not too far away from going there. And I keep getting these insistent reminders to upgrade to 20.0. I did that earlier and had to uninstall it and go back to 19. so that the Norton toolbar was available. There is apparently no way to stop those reminders, which be now are beginning to bug the hell out of me. I can stay with 19. and be happy. Just stop those reminders.

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I like you response! Mostly! Heheheh! So, you do not mind accessing the internet, needing to log in, look for the Norton toolbar, and it's not there? No notice? No warning? That is what gets under my skin. I can agree with everything else you've said here, but for me, I need to know before it happens! Thanks so much for your response!

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The sticky on Norton forum for supporting Firefox 20.0 was up the same day as Firefox 20.0 release (April 2) . http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/Firefox-20-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/937025

Are you suggesting that Norton have the live update for toolbar ready a day or two before the new Firefox release?

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Yes that is exactly what I would propose. The sticky you mentioned is what I accepted at face value when I upgraded to 20.0 and found out that it did not work with norton as provided by comcast. I then had to uninstall 20.0 and reinstall 19.0, which I still have and use daily. What aggravates me at this point is the constant pop up from Firefox to upgrade to 20.0. I wish they would stop and leave me in the past where I am comfortable.

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pure speculation on my part
I don't know why type of deal Comcast has with Symantec / Norton, but the record for timely updates of the Comcast - Norton AV package has been very poor for almost two years now. IIRC, Comcast switched from their previous AV vendor [McAfee ??] to Norton around April or May of 2011 (a month or two after Firefox 4 came out and 2 to 3 months before Firefox 5), and the Comcast version of Firefox of their toolbars has always been later (sometime months late) in comparison to the Norton Security and Norton 360 versions.

It seems like Comcast needs to "approve" the update or "pay Norton" for the update before is is released to Comcast and made available to Comcast customers. Or put another way, Comcast didn't think out their agreement with Norton completely before "signing" - Comcast didn't realize that they would have to pay for each 6 week update, and now they are screwing their users by postponing the inevitable. Firefox version updates are scheduled for every 6 weeks at least 3 versions ahead on every Mozilla calendar I have ever seen - Norton knows that. What's wrong with Comcast not knowing that??

Good news is that I have never seen Comcast stick with the same "free" AV vendor for more than 2 years, and that "2 years" is almost up. So, chances are that Comcast will be switching vendors soon, once again leaving their users to learn how to work with a different AV program.

Bottom line is, buy your own AV program or select another "free" version from someone else. I have heard that Avast is very good, while I use Avira!Free - mainly because Avira doesn't provide a Firefox extension which would need to be updated every time Firefox is updated. Good and basic anti-virus protection, without the "bells" that (IMO) provide little more than a placebo effect by way of sound or visual alerts that the program is "doing something".

As an answer to James last posting - since like Firefox 8 or 9, it's like Norton has been ready for every Firefox release and has "launched" their Firefox extension updates within a few hours of Mozilla officially releasing the new Firefox version.

Most of the time Mozilla does the Firefox release at 9 or 10 am, and Norton releases their update at noon or 1pm the same day.

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vincec44 well there is your problem Comcast. You should be mad at them for being behind on updates not at Mozilla nor Norton.

Actually it was starting Firefox 5.0 if I recall that Norton has provided a new update for their toolbar on same day (sometimes hours before mozilla.org was updated for new Firefox release) or within a couple days if by chance was late.

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Firefox updates too often. It seems like every time I turn around this is the issue again. I am not going to go without Norton. I'd rather go without Firefox. I don't have this issue with Chrome. Though I prefer FF, I am not going without Norton. Tired of it. Getting used to Chrome now.

PS: Please send out an alert when this issue has been resolved. I'll update to FF24 then. Thanks.

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Hi everyone, The Norton Toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 20 & Google Chrome 26. We have released a compatibility patch for Norton Internet Security,Norton 360 and Norton Identity Safe Standalone 2013.3.0.26 which is available via LiveUpdate.The patch is also available for the Norton 2012 products. This patch will ensure compatibility with the recently updated Firefox 20 and Google Chrome 26 browsers.

To get access to this feature u have to download a patch from norton

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^ What mohammed.samad quoted is outdated information as it was for Firefox 20.0 back in April.

The current is for Firefox 24.0 from http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/Firefox-24-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/1022719

Firefox 24 Support for Norton Toolbar

The Norton Toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 24. We have released a Firefox 24 compatibility patch for Norton Internet Security,, and which is available via LiveUpdate. Please see the Firefox 24 Compatibility Update announcement for version details and troubleshooting any problems with the update.

It has been resolved as Norton has updated for Firefox 24.0 as it is not Mozilla that updates for Norton.

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