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I'm still on v.11. I found later versions did not allow me to copy and paste images/pictures. Did Firefox correct that problem now?

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I am still on Firefox v. 11. I have installed later versions, and reverted back to v. 11, because all the later versions did not allow me to copy and paste images/pictures from emails. Did Firefox correct this problem definitively in their latest version?

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Yes, the macro works when there is a single bitmap on the clipboard. When you copy HTML with multiple embedded images and paste as HTML, Word should try to re-create the webpage contents (although fonts are not likely to be the same).

You can enable the Developer toolbar in Word 2010 and try using the recorder feature. The recorder can record menu selections, dialog actions, and keystrokes, but not mouse clicks that don't trigger one of those. Studying the recorded macros, you can start to get an idea of how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is written. There's reasonably good help if you select a function, property, or object name and press F1. There's also a hierarchical object browser (F2) so you can see a list of, say, all the different values that property can have. Since VBA is an older technology, you might find some used books on it. The ones I have date back to the late 90s.

But I digress... back to Firefox.

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You should always be able to copy and posted pictures. The coding on websites may have changed, changing the way things are copied and pasted..

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I have installed/updated v.11 to v.19.0.2, then tried to right click "copy image" on an image in an email, and paste it in WORD. V.11 continues to be the last version I was able to copy/paste an image from email to WORD. Every Firefox version after than refuses to copy/paste an image to WORD from email. So, sadly, I will be reverting to v.11 again.

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What is the error message you are receiving? What version is Microsoft office? What file type is the image you are trying to copy?

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thx for wanting to help.

1. Office Home and Student 2010 (WORD 2010), previously WORD 2002 (WORKS SUITE 2006);

2. Cursor keeps on blinking, no error message. With v. 11, right click on the image in the forwarded email I have received, copy, then paste into WORD, would transfer the image. Actually, it would be 2-step process: a. copy/paste the whole email, which is a forwarded article, would transfer the text; b. right click on the image, then copy/paste the image (presumably imbeded in the text) would transfer the image into the text already transferred into WORD.

3. In a round-about-way, the image could be sent (right-click send to) elsewhere, or the link could be transferred, but if there are a lot of images, it would be time-consuming.

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Please check if all your plugins are up-to-date. To do this, go to the Mozilla Plugin Check site.

Once you're there, the site will check if all your plugins have the latest versions. If you see plugins in the list that have a yellow Update button or a red Update now button, please update these immediately.

To do so, please click each red or yellow button. Then you should see a site that allows you to download the latest version. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation and follow the steps mentioned in the installation procedure.

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updated all the plugins and installed Firefox 19.0.02, and I still can not copy/paste the image.

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.... at least, I have updated all the plugins.

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Hello quintuplets, can you create a new profile and check it again ?

Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox

see also : Clipboard not working

thank you

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I have tried resetting firefox but it did no good still get a security massage when i tried to copy and paste and it still blocks it. Joan

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I found a solution that while not perfect (I still can't directly copy/paste fr. emails) is workable if there are lots of images to copy fr. the email: 1. Right click on the image 2. Choose "save image as" 3. The image will be saved as a jpeg file and will be sent to the download folder. I have the download folder in the "Look in" on the left side when I click on "Insert a picture" (see pt 5 below_. 4. If there are many images that have to be copied, one could transfer them one after the other (before, I would have to go back to the email to copy/paste) and back to the WORD document. This way, I find I save a bit of time. 5. After all the images have been copied to the download folder, I would click on "Insert picture from file" (I have customized my quick access toolbar to have this command) and transfer the pictures/images one after the other to WORD. 6. This "solution" must have existed before, but it works for me now, so I have updated FireFox to the latest version rather than kept to v. 11. The latter may be the reason that my computer ground to a halt a month ago as presumably it was heavily infected, and I had to reformat the hard-drives.

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Can you give more information please it may help someone

  • what is the webmail you use Hotmail or Yahoo for instance ?
  • what exactly does the security message say ?
  • are you able to attach a screenshot ?
  • how exactly are the pictures put into the email
    are they separate pictures added as attachments
    or are they part of an attached document
  • are you able to download the pictures from the email if they are attachments (or download the whole document if that is an attachment)

Maybe try testing by sending yourself an email with different document types attached and different picture types attached. You know for certain then what is included.

Are you able to copy and paste images from this forum website ?
(the avatars / icons for example)

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Thx John: 1. Webmail used = hotmail. 2. Upon clicking on the image & "copy", I would be able to "paste" to WORD, but w. later versions of Firefox (after v. 11), the cursor just blinks on the spot of the WORD document. 3. A screen shot can be attached to the email 4. The images are part of the document. 5. If the images (or documents) were attachments, there is no problem downloading them, then inserting them into WORD. 6. I just tested - I can copy/paste yr round smiley face image from your post to WORD.

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I am wondering if the problem is with your Word plugin.

  • Have you tried to see if there are any updates for that ?
    • I doubt the Mozilla / Firefox site will check Word & MS related plugins

Or maybe your version of Word no longer supports such a feature.

It is rather a long while since I last used Word, XP & Hotmail together.

  • Are you able to use Firefox's save option from right clicking such images?
  • Have you got silverlight and is that up-to-date ?

I know silverlight is or was used for hotmail slideshows, it may also be involved with Word images in Hotmail.

  • if you have a series of images as attachments in Hotmail do they play as a silverlight slide show ?
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1. The only plugin into WORD I have is Nuance PDF Converter 7. 2. Rightclicking on an image in an email: "copy image" does not work, but "send image as" works - image will be sent to "downloads" as a jpeg file. From there, the images can be inserted into WORD. 3. Silverlight is up to date. 4. I can view attached pictures in an email as a slideshow, though I don't know if they are silverlight or otherwise.

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Some history...

To address difficulties that people had pasting images into Gmail and other webmail services, Firefox 12 updated what it puts on the clipboard when you right-click > Copy Image. In addition to the image data, it added the URL (as text) and HTML tags to display the image.

But some applications only looked at the first format -- text -- so this was dysfunctional for many people. To resolve that, in Firefox 13, the plain text URL was removed. There were now bitmap data AND HTML (linked image) formats on the clipboard.

Some applications still had problems. Many of those had a Paste Special feature that allowed the user to choose the best format. But some applications did not have this feature and were still unable to access the image data.

If you use the Paste Special feature of Word 2010, can you access the bitmap data? Here's how:

  • Click the drop-down arrow below the large Clipboard icon (labeled Paste) on the Home tab of the ribbon
  • Click Paste Special
  • In the dialog that offers both "Device Independent Bitmap" and "HTML" formats, choose the bitmap format and click OK, or just double-click the bitmap format

Does the image appear?

(Here's a screen shot)

Geändert am von jscher2000

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works beautifully as you suggested, jscher (I just tried it) - problem is, one has got to go thru that procedure for each image. If there are many images, it's probably more efficient to right click each image as "save image as", which will then be downloaded in the "downloads" folder. Thereafter, "insert picture from file" into the WORD document. The fastest way to copy/paste an email containing images would have been to copy the whole document, incl. the images, then paste the whole email (incl. images) to WORD. I do not know of any method of doing that at this point. For instance, if I want to copy a newspaper article I have found on the internet, I am able to copy/paste the whole article, incl. pics., onto WORD.

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You could automate the process on the Word side using a macro and then a keyboard shortcut or Quick Access Toolbar button. For example:

Sub PasteAsBitmap()
On Error Resume Next
Selection.PasteSpecial _
    Link:=False, _
    DataType:=wdPasteDeviceIndependentBitmap, _
    Placement:=wdInLine, _
If Err.Number = 5342 Then
    MsgBox "Bitmap format not available", vbExclamation
ElseIf Err.Number <> 0 Then
    MsgBox "Error No. " & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description, vbExclamation
End If
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub
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Jeff, Thanks,
I do not use Word much, at all now. A couple of work related machines have Word but not Firefox, but my own laptop has no Word on it.

I will bookmark this as a summary of the current situation.

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thx jscher - when I posted my last comment, I was thinking about how to automate it, and you read my thoughts. I will have to read up on how to start macros and and implement your codes. One would have thought that Microsoft and/or Firefox would make it simpler for the computer illiterate as it was w. Firefox v.11. Thanks again.

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Hi quintuplets, you've probably implemented this by now, but just in case.

To create a new Word macro, press Alt+F8, type a name for the macro (no spaces) into the top bar, then click Create. This will open the editor to the new macro, where you can paste the code above. Note that you should not paste the first and last lines, since those are already supplied when you clicked Create.

Back in Word, you can add your macro to the Quick Access or add a keyboard shortcut by right-clicking a blank area of the ribbon and choosing Customize the Ribbon. In the dialog that opens, there is a category on the left for Quick Access, and there is a button for customizing keyboard shortcuts. In both cases, use the drop-down or left-side dialog to choose the Macros category.

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