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Clever google doodle locks up days later; is this a Java / Firefox issue? Any way to make it begin again?

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firefox 3.40 on xp/pro 2002 sp3 www.google.com showing tribute to copernicus 'doodle' It quit moving after more than a day or three, on two different tabs of firefox.

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You are running Firefox 3.6 (and an old version of it at that) which is HORRIBLY insecure, out of date, unstable and bad for the web. You need to IMMEDIATELY update to Firefox 19 by going to www.getfirefox.com, and download and install Firefox 19. Don't worry, it will save your Firefox info if you install it over 3.6, but before doing ANYTHING you need to do that. This is critical.

You also need to update Adobe Flash, Java, etc. It may be faster and easier for you to use http://ninite.com/firefox-flash-java/ninite.exe to update them all at once.

After doing that, please read How to reset the default user agent on Firefox and follow the steps there.