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disable sub-address auto complete

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I'm IT tech and new to Firefox. I login a lot to routers which reside (e.g.) on Whenever I do that the location bar is auto-complete with the subaddress of the previous router I logged in to. Example: When I log to router A on I type this address into the location bar. I'm forwarded to (e.g.) Then when I want to login to router B, which is also on (obviously on a local network somewhere else) Firefox inists on adding the /webgui to my address even though it is not relevant for router B. When I delete the auto-added '/webgui' it come back again and again... How can I disable this feature?? Note that this is not the autocomplete on tools->options->privacy->location bar. When I disable this it doesn't affect the behaviour above.

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hello, i think the problem here is that on pages that redirect you, firefox will only store the target page in your history. i don't know of a setting to change that unfortunately. as a workaround you could try to create a custom bookmark that links to "".