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Firefox keeps crashing and no idea whats causing it. It's been crashing anywhere between 3-10 times a day. I need help getthing this fixed!

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*http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/bp-b06bc595-f58c-4dbb-959e-515592130210 *http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/bp-3358a4f2-6f72-42e5-acee-52d052130210 *http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/bp-35d59e5e-9674-4deb-8d0b-5e9d52130210 *http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/bp-5fd75d44-03eb-4b1c-9dae-dfb3c2130210 *http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/bp-f6be8624-2525-41db-8036-8d27f2130210 last 5 crash reports.

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Same here, if I load a site with any Flash content. I can't update to version 18.0.2. from 18.0.1 either. The updater fails every time I try. I even downloaded the complete program, and it won't even start/run. I've pretty much switched to Chrome. I don't really like it, but it works.

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Hi tyrant9

That can be a problem with SProtector
See [/questions/937251]

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Yeah I just checked Sprotector did a virus check and even checked where they said it'd be. (Hidden files are also shown) it's not there.

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yeah I can load sites that have flash. but if it has a lot of flash on the site then it tends to crash faster. which is almost impossible to get past these days.