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Norton 360 does not pick up tracking cookies after updating to firefox 17.0

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With firefox 17.0 Norton 360 does not pick up tracking cookies that were picked up with firefox 16.0.2. Uninstalled 17.0 and and reinstalled 16.0.2 - tracking cookies are picked up - updated to 17.0 and again no tracking cookies. I did not see anything in release note that would seem to reflect this situation. asked this question at 08:57 PST 11/29/2012 and the reply stated that Norton 360 should still be able to remove tracking cookies. WELL IT DOES NOT - WHAT HAS CHANGED FROM 16.0.2 TO 17.0 THAT WOULD CAUSE THIS. IS THIS A NEW BUG? The first reply did not answer my question however it was marked as "solved". I have rolled back to 16.0.2 and updated to 17.0 twice and the same thing has happened both times.

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