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how not to delete some cookies and keep others

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Previous versions of FF allowed you to select individual cookies that wouldn't be deleted when FF closed. This meant you wouldn't have to log in to your favorite sites each time you opened FF; - you'd already be logged in. Later versions of FF no longer have this functionality. However, IE and Safari both do have this functionality. For example, I used to be able to keep my google cookies and browse straight into google reader after the browser opened. Now I always have to login. Does anyone know if the functionality will be restored to FF? The current lack of versatile cookie settings is a hindrance to efficiency.

(PS. Cor-el, please don't answer as you're wrong on this. The key messages are that FF used to have this functionality and plenty of other users agree, and IE and Safari still have it so go and check it yourself, and it has nothing to do with Clear Recent History.) Thanks all. :)

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more options

as cor-el has already explained in your prior question, you can already do this in firefox for cookies on a per domain basis: in the custom privacy options, select keep cookies: until i close firefox but disable cookies to be deleted as part of "clear history when firefox closes" (as this would be redundant). then create exceptions ("allow") for the sites you want to stay logged in between different sessions & you're achieving exactly what you're looking for - you can also do this by right-clicking while you're on such a site & go to page info > permissions!