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I want to be able to run firefox on one Mac with its window displayed on another (using X11?), can I do this?

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I have an Apple Mac (running MacOS 10.6.8) at a remote location. I want to be able to run Firefox on this machine but with the Firefox display window redirected to my local Mac. I used to be able to do this with UNIX (e.g. LINUX etc.) systems running X11 by setting the DISPLAY variable on the remote host. Is it possible to do this using the X11 on the Mac? and, if so, do I need to rebuild Firefox to display using X11? At the moment, whatever I try, Firefox just starts its window on the system on which it is started.

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Would you not need to use a Linux version of Firefox? X11 is a type of Linux.

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Dear finitarry,

The X windows system was developed in the 1980s at MIT (I seem to remember that it was called X because it was based on a window system developed for use on Xerox graphics terminals). X11 is used by Unix based devices to control their windows, so is used by Linux (a free version of Unix), but is not part of it. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to post this query on a MacOS forum.