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I originally had 100 folders of bookmarks and by mistake imported 500 other folders I don't need.How to get rid of the 500 & not one by one?

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I had about 100 folders w/bookmarks last week and by mistake I imported about 500 other folders dated over several months ago. I discovered I don't need those 500 folders. How do I get ride of all of them without doing it individually? I want to avoid trying to delete them individually folder by folder because it would just be too time consuming. Is there a way to highlight them all (500) and the delete all at once? thank you I await your answer.

Perhaps I can put first 100 folders altogether in another single folder, say X. And then export X as a back up. Then somehow remove all 600 folders plus X all at once some how completely emptying the bookmark listings and import back the backed up folder X. Can that be done?

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Restore your bookmarks from a date previous to when you imported all those folders of bookmarks.