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Why is there always a problem?

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This is more of a criticism than a bug report. It seems that whenever I run Firefox, there is an issue. I can't tell you how many computers I've been to where:

  • Firefox complains that it is out of date.

I get it, updating software is hard, but don't burden me with the issue. Updates should be quiet and seemless.

  • Firefox needs to inform me about my rights.

99.9999999999% of users don't know or care about this.

  • Firefox is unhappy that it's not my default browser.
  • Firefox babies the user when downloading extensions.

Adding a 3 second timer to your install button doesn't make the user choose safer decisions. It just makes me impatient. What's the justification for this delay? Do you have proof that you've curbed malicious behavior?

I just want to run Firefox and not be burdened with all of this. Don't bother me with updates, don't treat me like a baby, just get out of the way so I can get to work.

Thank you.

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Amen to that.

The people making Firefox must be a big fan of the nanny state. They seem to think they know better than you do about what's good for you.