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Firefox 17 incredibly slow

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Updated today and feel like I am on a 300 baud modem. No other changes.

Any new settings or tweaks I should know? I can;t browse as it is and either need a fix or need to roll back to 16.


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Please see this.

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Thanks, but I would sooner downgrade than do a reset. I did PM that I would help test to find the problem though.

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Thank you very much :)

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To illustrate the problem on Windows XP, do Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the Windows Task Manager, Processes tab. Sort by CPU. Then note the "System Idle Process" - perhaps 98% - versus Firefox with the mouse cursor over the WTM. Then watch the CPU be grabbed by Firefox as you move the mouse cursor over the Firefox browser. 40%? Really? Just for the mouse? Something is really wrong with Firefox!

Can anyone speak to this?

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I can tell you I removed 17 and went back to 16.2 to get rid of this issue, but 18 is faster and more stable than any release I have seen before.

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> faster Not for me! I removed V17 and downloaded 18. TFirefox jumps to 49% cpu usage sometimes when I hover the mouse over the browser.

I will add this information to the open Mozilla-Bugzilla bug: Bug 711845 - display extremely slow when mouse hover links