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Is there a way to make session cookies store in RAM only, and not to disk?

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I want to limit the number of writes that firefox does to the disk (for a few reasons I shouldn't list here) in addition to enhancing privacy overall. One way I hope to do this is to prevent session cookies from being written to the disk at all, and instead just be stored in RAM.

Can this be done?

I know it can be done with cache, but I'd like it to be done with session cookies as well, in addition to other cookies that I have configured to store as session only (e.g. third party cookies that I override to be session only.)

I want to do this while allowing all other cookies to be written to disk.

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Session cookies are kept in memory AFAIK and never written to disk.

What makes you think that Firefox is saving them to disk?

You can look at the portable Firefox version if you want to minimize writes to the disk that stores your Firefox profile.