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How do I update my plug-ins, as prompted?

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In installing Foxfire for the first time, I was prompted to update my plug-ins. When I click on "update," I get a window asking if I want to save this file. I click to save, then I get the original screen with the same plug-in and others still listed as needing to be updated. I seem to be going in circles here. What am I missing?

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Some plugins may automatically update, but often the file you download will need to be saved then run (find it then double click, or rightclick and run) or if it is an .XPI filetype opened with firefox before the update takes place.

You may need to disable security software, and use an XP admin account rather than a limited user account.

Have a look at

You should be able to update your plugins by visiting the above linked page.

The page should have instructions and links to other instructions.

(Right now the page could be faulty and be showing instructions for more then one Firefox version or operating System) edit think it is just my memory that is faulty

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