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I used to be able to close the browser and still have the download box open and still download stuff but now I can't...what happened???!!!

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I was in the process of downloading something tonight and decided to close my browser. Unfortunately, the download window also closed and that meant my download was gone and I would have to start over again.

I went back and started the download again and the download box showed the file picked up where it left off but when I closed the browser the same thing happened again; the download box closed when I closed the browser.

The reason I close the browser is because my downloads download faster when the browser is closed and now that option is closed to me.

Is this a new feature if so I don't like it as a matter of fact I would say I'm very pissed off with this new development. Please go back to fixing it so I can close the browser and still download.

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Firefox should resume the download on the next start unless you are in Private Browsing mode.

The default is to pause a download and resume the download automatically the next time.
You can set the browser.download.manager.quitBehavior pref to 2 on the about:config page.
That will make Firefox ask for confirmation if you want to cancel the download if you close Firefox.


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Hi cor-el:

Thanks for responding to my post.

I went to about:config like you suggest and changed the the thing you said. There is no improvement. Instead of my browser and the download box closing when I click on exit button/link now a box pops up with the message "If you exit now, 1 download will be canceled. Are you sure you want to exit?

I don't need a box to warn me that if I exit that the downloads manager would close as well...I already know that and that's the problem. I want a way to stop the download manager box from closing when I exit the browser like it used to.

Thanks anyway.