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Site will not be removed by Delete or Forget About

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I recently decided that I no longer wanted to visit a particular website. So I removed it from my bookmarks, deleted all associated cookies, and then attempted to remove the site from my search history. However, the main site will not be removed. I keep hitting "Delete" and it remains, and even when I right click and select "Forget About This Site" it still remains.

I've also discovered that the History View "By Site" is completely blank, but "By Date" and other views are fine.

How can I remove this particular site from my browsing history now?

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This worked for me: type in site name in the "awesome bar," use the arrow key to highlight it, and then hit "shift" + "delete"

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Actually, it looks like CCleaner had corrupted the database. I just ran a bunch of fixes. I installed a places.sqlite editor and deleted the site manually, and then I ran a places.sqlite fixing add on (Places Maintenance) and it just wiped the entire thing and made a fresh new version.

I will keep that in mind for the future though.